Founded: 1959

It all started in the 1950′s on a hill where Sears now stands with Dr. Francis Knoop treating a milk fever cow at the Durbiano Dairy farm. He noticed a triangular piece of land at the intersection of La Cumbre Road and La Cumbre Lane and thought “this is a good place for my veterinary hospital”.

At this time, Five Points Shopping Center was just getting designed and built. La Cumbre Plaza was not yet even a thought.

Now it was up to Dr. Knoop to complete his dream of creating La Cumbre Animal Hospital. Mr. Jacob J. Hergert, a local contractor, built the hospital from plans drawn by Pierre La Fond of now Montecito retail fame. The project was completed in 1959.

From there La Cumbre Animal Hospital has gone thru many changes. In 1964 Knoop hired his first associate veterinarian to make it a two doctor hospital. Dr. R. J. Brillhart replaced this associate in May of 1970. Dr. Knoop retired in 1976 at which time Dr. William V. Callahan joined the hospital team. In 2004 Dr. Beverly P. Holmes joined the team. Dr. Eve Kuesis joined in 2005.

Today Dr. Beverly Holmes and Dr. Eve Kuesis own and manage the practice.